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May 22, 2005 ]




if you are friends with me on this user name or you`ve recently decided you wanted to be friends with me but haven`t added me on this one yet, add my new one...____war




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this is creepy... [
May 15, 2005 ]
[ mood | contemplative ]

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell 24 people about this game.
kevin is the one that you love.
brad is one you like but can't work out.
• You care most about sarah grace.
lisaaa is the one who knows you very well.
heathermarie is your lucky star.
melon country is the song that matches with kevin.
don`t call me white is the song for brad.
i`m a hustler is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.
• and downpour is the song telling you how you feel about life
Take this quiz
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♥--♥--♥--♥--♥ [
May 12, 2005 ]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

♥ today was okay

♥ i had the string beans i was craving :-)

♥ my hair straightener broke :\

♥ i`m going to wish on every star i see because i feel like it

♥ i saw bill clinton on tv today :D

♥ i miss you...


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bannnnnnanasss [
May 8, 2005 ]
[ mood | blah ]

In one word, describe me.
Then post this in your LJ to see what people say about you.

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♥..."look at that medallion!" [
May 5, 2005 ]
[ mood | excited ]

i don`t really know if my journal is even worth updating...

...nobody really reads it

lisa came over & we ate ravioli & we just went on the computer & i acted like a thug.

i`m grounded until monday because my mom is a very cool person...

i want something to eat, so i`m out...bye. ♥

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i so stole this from caitlin :) [
April 27, 2005 ]
[ mood | happy ]

Reply anonymously to these:
An insult.
A secret.
A criticism.
A compliment.
A death threat.
A love note.
Lyrics to a song.
& a hint to who you are. optional

do this&i`ll give you a kiss :*
...seriously, do it.

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♥... [
April 27, 2005 ]
[ mood | okay ]

♥ today was interesting

during school i was so out of it; i was spacing out so much worse than i usually do&
i came home did a load of laundry&cleaned my room&
i went online&talked to ♥andrew, ♥liser&sarah♥&
then i walked to lisa`s&
i ate 3 string cheeses&i felt like a piggy&
we went online for a while&
we talked about ♥martha stewart♥&
i ate peach yogurt for dinner&
then my mom came and picked me up&
went online&
i burned my tongue on popcorn and i think i`m gunna die&
before i die, i want to get on someone`s shoulders and wear a trench coat over the both of us so we look like one of those really tall people; little kids do when they want to disguise themself ♥ you probably don`t know what i am talking about&i really don`t care ♥

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take this lighter to my plastic heart [
April 21, 2005 ]
[ mood | chipper ]

i need a new layout...this one is madd oldd

andrew costa is my idol ♥

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kdghdfjghdildnhklhsflkjhnfknjhf [
April 13, 2005 ]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Things have been weird;
Giant Pink Bags = Love;
I`ve been getting migranes =/
I stayed home sick;
I`ve been feeling so shitty lately;
Friday is gunna be cute;
Alexa is insane, she walked through The Mills and the hommies threw golf balls at her;
Sarah hung up the pictures I drew her =)
I need a tan;
Caitlin and me were supposed to sleep all day in my garage, but; our planned failed...
I need a big hug right now, a fucking monsterous one;

I`m tired
Need sleepppp

Ps. Don`t be gay, leave me comments...

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will control each word I write... [
April 6, 2005 ]
[ mood | numb ]

The last few days have been blah.

I got a new thing for grapes.

I need to clean my fish tank.

I got locked out today and had to climb in my bathroom window. It's one of those burgular proof windows that no one is supposed be able to climb through because it only goes up so high. I did it, it was an adventure...

Tommorrow, I'm hanging out with Amanda. Holler.


Insecurities have gotten the best of me. I was never strong enough to hold myself up.<|3

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I lie for only you.. [
April 4, 2005 ]
[ mood | crushed ]

Kevin broke up with me.<|3

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I so took this from my lover, Marisa.<3 [
March 25, 2005 ]
[ mood | giddy ]

if you read this,
even if i don't speak to you often,
you must post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad,
just so long as it happened.
Then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you...

Do it and I'll give you a kiss. =)

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Come in Star Comand... [
March 24, 2005 ]
[ mood | good ]


I am completely in love with Shelby Reig. She was the only one who flew around doing the Buzz Lightyear motions.<3 It was all because of our sub in Spanish. Man was he jacked. He looked like Buzz Lightyear. He also sounded like him. It made us happy. So we "flew around" pretending to be Super Heros. Gawd, I love her.<3

I came home. Dance was cancelled. Kevin was supposed to come over, but couldn't because of the snow.=/

I was doing dishes and I cut my finger on a steak knife. It hurt because it was right on the side of my finger were the skin meets the nail. Also, it was a steak knife and they are kinda dullish in a way. Therefore, It took alot of accidental force and it hurt. I hate it. I need someone to kiss it.=*

I couldn't jog today. Bummer. I need to do 200 crunches...Latuhhh.<3

<3Kevin's my sunshine. End of disscussion.

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I love you, even if you don't love me.♥ [
March 20, 2005 ]
[ mood | blah ]

♥ New Layout.
♥ Not feeling too hot.
♥ I think my feet grew.
♥ My hair is annoying.
♥ I want a glass of lemonade.
♥ Later.

♥ Kevin ♥

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Lush. [
March 17, 2005 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I haven't updated in a while...

+Today was my first day of school all week.

-Had a cute bagel for breakfast and Ms. Zaleski insulted it.

+Sarah was singing "You're So Last Summer" all day...hott.

--I found out that my sister's gross fat Mexican friend who thinks Simple Plan is punk rock and a half thinks me and Heather cannot dance. We can dance better than her even. Just because I missed the last 4 dance classes doesn't mean anything. She can die.

-I got a fucking C- in math even though I deserve a B. Ms. Zaleski is definitely so uncool. I don't think she gets laid often.

I'm out...
I'm going to call Kevin and get a glass of Apple Juice. Bye.<3

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<33. [
March 12, 2005 ]
[ mood | Ew. ]

Sarah and Meghan are here.
I can breate out of left nostril.
I'm sad.



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Oh baby...♥ [
March 7, 2005 ]
[ mood | I miss Kevin!<3 ]

Today was a weird day. Some parts about it were terrible, some were wonderful. Anyways...

I got my Spanish grade up to a B.=) All thanks to my lovely Susieeeee.<3

I came home, got the call from Kevin that he is grounded for a month.='( I miss his cute butt so much and it hasn't even been a day, what a bummer. Hopefully, he'll get off sooner. I hope this month goes by super fast.♥

On the wonderful note, all my songs that I thought were long gone mysteriously appeared on my computerrrrrrr!!=D I'm so happy, I've missed my songs a real lot.

Anyways...I gotta do homework and stuff...Later.

♥♥♥♥Kevin Abela, my rebel.♥♥♥♥

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Its Sarah<33 [
March 4, 2005 ]
[ mood | I'm Happy<3 ]

There's a cut
A deep gash
It's in my heart; but,
It's 'cause you slash
You told
You left me in the cold
The very minute
It slipped past
Your lips
And it rips
Through my heart
When did it start
Theres no lack
Of stabbing in the back
Now I'm gone
And your singning your song
Of lies
Why didn't I realize
That your a fake
Now, I have to take
The worse fall
Of them all....

A Wonderful Poem By My Wonderful Jessi<3

She didn't want me to put it in but shhhh....

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Things are looking up.♥ [
March 4, 2005 ]
[ mood | hopeful ]

School was as bad as yesterday.

I went to guidence. That was funnest part of my day. Me, Hett, Cassie and Dani just talked about skirts and ghosts with Ms. Jaber. This lady saw me stretching on the counter in the room before Ms. Jaber got in the room we were in. We also held a random jam meeting.=)We drew a jar of jam on the whiteboard with permanent marker. Heather spit it off.<3 We almost got caught, but it was real cute.♥

...I really don't know who I can actually trust with my secrets. It makes me wanna cry. Some people are fake and it's sad really to see them being back-stabbers, even if I was the one getting backstabbed.=/ I wish them the best, because they're gunna need it. I feel 'betrayed' kinda. Whatever.

I flipped out on Ms. Finnance. I hate her... She wouldn't let me use the bathroom. I ended up getting my way...Heh.

<3Kevin came over for a little while. We got chinese food and I talked about boners.

I'm starting over. I'm going edge. Yes, HCSE. Haha, seriously though. I'm gunna start getting good grades. Kevin's helping me.=) He actually cares about me and I care about him. Him helping me start over means so much to me.♥ I think things will get better for me. I really need a change, plus, Everything has been terrible for me. Some people help, some people don't. You know who you are.

Going to bed,
Later kids.
♥♥Kevin Abela eats eggrolls like a loser.♥♥

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Hoping for better than this... [
March 3, 2005 ]
[ mood | gloomy ]

-- Pretty bad/depressing/stressing/useless day.

-- School was ew. =/

-- I went to Herbie's wake.<3 It was soooo sad. He was my sixth grade lover. We had big plans.

The sad thing is, the Friday before vacation, I saw him and I said hi...but I didn't give my usual hug, and I said to Heather and Cassie, "Oh, I'll give him a hug next time." Well, there wasn't a next time, and I never got to hug him. =( I miss him so fucking much. And that's why everytime I see someone special, I'm going to hug them, no matter what, So I never have to feel like this again. </3


-- Didn't see <3Kevy-poo.=( Tommorrow, I am though. I am making him chicken.=)

-- New layout, took me forever to do because I am slow.

-- Didn't accomplish any cleaning of my room.

-- I might drop out of the play because it's too hectic with dance and plus my part is pretty small.

-- Finally finished one book review. Got three more to go.

--Still didn't do my spanish project.

-- I'm tired.


-- Adios.

-- Kevinissuperfly.<33333x76457684


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